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I could use a ride to Toronto next Sunday, May 9th in the evening or at the crack of dawn on Monday the 10th. I'd be happy to contribute to the cost of gas.
Michelle, happy to give you a ride on June 17th coming back on the 21st - but might be the day after. Leaving early in the morning, okay? e-mail me. Christine
I'm driving to Toronto May 28, returning May 29, and: June 4-6, 11-12, 18-19, 25-27.

Is anyone going to Toronto late afternoon or evening Sunday Jan 30? I have to meet someone on the 5 pm train and the next train to Toronto is not until around 9 pm. My daughter and I both want to go to the Nicole Foss talk at St Andrews Church being presented by Transition Town so the 3:15 train is not good for us at all.  (With the train schedule defeating all my best laid plans I would be better to drive my daughter to Toronto after the talk and pick up the person coming from Toronto and return, all by car for $40 and saving time. So happy to pay for gas if anyone is going then!


Hi Phil,

What time Mon night? Some women drive down from B'ville for choir on Mon, for 7 pm. I can ask around tonight if I know what time you're arriving.



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