Hi everyone, I am a member of the Peterborough Transition Town movement,  I think we all realise that the next 20 years are not going to be anything like the last 20 years and that as individual groups, even under the same name TTown, we need, I think, a way to unite our voices not only within the Transition Town groups but with other like minded groups, many of us have started or joined or seen start many different groups which have actually very similar goals, so my question and challenge is how can we network, yet retain our autonomy?

         The bioregions that we inhabit have some needs in common and some unique needs which is why we need to be able to Network, Liase, Support each other yet retain the autonomy needed to address special localized issues.  I would enjoy hearing your input on

A) if you think this is an issue at all?


B) if you think it is an issue how do we go about addressing it?


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Might be nice to be able to have exchange visits to each area for certain events and be able to hook up for housing or couch surfing 

Hi Philip, that`s a great idea!  We could even do a series of interlocking events that might be too big too cover by one transition town like agriculture, permaculture and coordination to avoid duplication of efforts. Steve


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