Sunday June 27, a pot-luck style picnic will be held in Benson Park, Downtown Picton. Renia has volunteered to get the required paperwork to seal the deal. Just in case someone else has it booked for that date, I will post the time later, just to keep you all checking in!

I am supposed to be the Big Cheese in Charge Of Things Food & Celebration Related, but  we all know that it's the volunteers who do the work! Thank you all for signing up for the Grouplette, it makes life a bit more fun! and it is easier than figuring out how to send a group email!

In the meantime, has everyone checked out Erika Wolff's wesite? Google Power of Raw Erika Wolff, and you'll enjoy some tasty recipes.

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I can help out let me know philip f
Will do! Potlucks are so easy, all we really have to do is make sure all is cleaned up afterwards. I may make a special dish. Do you do any seasonal specialties?
Dear Ms.Lambton I. would be glad to try one for sure. Do you have any suggestions or special recipies to try. thanks philipo
As I am not sure how many people to expect, but maybe some kind of strawberry dish? A couple dozen home made tea-bisciuts and some whipped cream...yummy! Some lemon-balm in there, whoohoo!
Jim has suggested that the Food & Celebration People (that's us) cpme up with some kind of program too. Besides sack-races, I mean. Got anything to say about food & celebration?
That sounds easy enough -tea biscuits or strawberry treat. I s it primarily snacks or light finger food stuff?
It's a potluck picnic, atsa meansa you bringa da stuff dat gonn fill you beh-lly! And it helps if some members bring a dish that fills in the blanks. ei you bring something dessert-y, I bring a main course, I will ask other members to bring course-specific items. Roz? Vickie? Are you out there?
think I will start looking for strawberry treats to make tea biscuits sound a bit to to British I have Irish blood
well actually, strawberry shortcake (which is what this whole idea is) is a Canadian thing! No, really! But whatever you'd like to do. If you can swing something sweet (look up "banoffee pie, you Irish lad, you!) that'd be great.

is there going to be another pinic this year in beson park im new help set up if you would like


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