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New Year's Resolutions - Why not start a garden?

Here's an interesting article by Dr. Andrew Weil...

One Simple Resolution: Gardening

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grey water

Green Drinks - City of Guelph Greywater Reuse Pilot Program: Building capacity for the next frontier of water conservation

When: Tueday, March 20, 2012 - 7 - 9 pm Where: eBar Main Room Who: Mike Darmon, Chair, City of Guelph Water Conservation and Efficiency Public Advisory Committee and Wayne Galliher, Water…


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transition UK newsletter

Transition UK has a great newsletter out full of videos and world transition activities and updates:



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grey water

Does anybody have any info/links/contacts re:  grey water recovery/reuse systems??  if so please pass on here - thanks!!

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We are posting a video of Andrew Harvey, author of The Hope, with Carolyn Baker who wrote Sacred Demise, the book our reading group used so successfully with last year.  Her latest book is Navigating the Coming Chaos:  a handbook for inner transition.  I would love to read this book with a group.  Any takers?  Roz

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Nicole Foss website

Nicole Foss's The Automatic Earth has a new website: - looks interesting!!

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Building a Cold Frame

As of Feb 24th, we have only 5 spaces left for builders in this workshop.  I can see it is a very popular one! 

Don't leave it too long to sign up.

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Hi Kathy!

Hi Kathy - hope you can come to our movie afternoon on Sunday (19th) - we;d love to meet you! and do give us your e-mail address for our next newsletter - there's lots of things coming up - hope they interest you, if not, tell us what you would like and what you can share with us!!  see you on Sunday?  Roz

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reply to Kathy

Kathy - the posted events are always current. Have you attended any of these events to meet some of the other Transition members? Perhaps you could inspire some of them to provide content for the website as that is what this website is all about. It's the member's forum and everyone's contributions are welcome.

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about whats happening

hi my name is kathy and im new here so what goes on here.everything i have seen is old posts.and nothing seems to be im on  and no one else is on i have checked for three or four days now and got no whats like to know what i can get involved with what are my choices.and who's in charge here,so we can ask questions if needed.thats about it.if nothing is happening here whats the point of having the page.or do i not know how to work it…


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Nicole Foss followup

The Nicole Foss event was great! full to the rafters.......there's a great writeup on, thanks Sue! is the website of the video shown there so you can share it.  Let's keep up the work!  Roz

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Nicole Foss is coming back!!

Circle January 8 on your new 2012 calendar:  Nicole Foss is returning with her 2012 update on how we can build resilience in the face of the unfolding global financial crisis, and how we, as Canadians, are affected and can protect ourselves.  St Andrew's Presbyterian Church at 2:00 pm.  Admission by donation which will cover all expenses.  Tell your friends!!  For more info, call Vicki or Roz, 613 393 5046 or e-mail…


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Transition Books

message from Transition Kingston - great offer!!


In an effort to increase interest in and understanding of the

Transition movement in Kingston, we're planning to buy some books

directly from the UK at a substantial discount.

Please let us know if you are interested in buying any or all of these

books so we can get an idea of how many to buy.




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Penny's Pantry is Open....

Hi Transition PEC folks! 

I am excited to let you know that I have now opened Penny's Pantry, a bulk food store in Picton, featuring healthy, organic and local products for baking and cooking.  I have a wide assortment of raw nuts, seeds, beans and lentils, flour, grains....and I am happy to share that I am happy to fill YOUR containers if you wish. 

My regular hours are Monday-Sat  9:00-5:00 and I am open this long weekend both today and tomorrow 11:00-4:00.  I will be open a…


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Learn How to Make Apple Butter!!

I am sure TPEC members would be interested in this workshop on June 3 - a ROSE programme sponsored by the Prince Edward District Women's Institute:  LEARN HOW TO MAKE APPLE BUTTER.  Three sessions - 10 am, 2 pm, 7 pm - 10 to 12 people at each session.  Pre-register for the one that suits your day:  call Wilma at 613 471 1476 or e-mail Brenda at  Cost - $5 - all supplies provided - you take home the recipe and a jar of apple… Continue

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reading group update

We are a strong group of 15 which is plenty big enough for good discussion and are looking forward to meeting for the first time when the rest of the books arrive!!  We will be reading Sacred Demise by Carolyn Baker.  Watch this space for further info!


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reading group/book club

I would love to gather together a reading group/book club with a positive aim:  to learn more about navigating the coming storms with grace, find our direction, in community and individually, and embrace change.  Call me if you are interested in reading and discussing such issues as food, finance and fuel, climate change, living sustainably, finding a balance.  There are a myriad of books out there to choose from, fact and fiction, and once there is a goodly number of us together we can…


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driving to Toronto

Hi Everyone, 

Just thought that I would put out the word that I am driving to TO next Friday afternoon....leaving Picton from the social media workshop at 285 Main, going to Oakville, however could drop someone on the TTC route on way. Penny

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Food for Thought for a Sustainable Diet

I am not an advocate for industrial farms. Don and I saw first hand a crowded, mucky, huge beef feed lot in Southern California last winter and were appalled at the conditions the cattle lived in. In the region around the Salton Sea a huge portion of the Colorado River is diverted so that many crops (and not just the beef) can grow in the desert – not exactly sustainable as the demand for the dwindling…


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Welcome to our new official blogger!

We are happy to have on board our new official blogger, Krista Dalby, composer of the Bicycle Revolution…


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