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grey water

Does anybody have any info/links/contacts re:  grey water recovery/reuse systems??  if so please pass on here - thanks!!

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We are posting a video of Andrew Harvey, author of The Hope, with Carolyn Baker who wrote Sacred Demise, the book our reading group used so successfully with last year.  Her latest book is Navigating the Coming Chaos:  a handbook for inner transition.  I would love to read this book with a group.  Any takers?  Roz

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Nicole Foss website

Nicole Foss's The Automatic Earth has a new website:  www.theautomaticearth.org - looks interesting!!

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Building a Cold Frame

As of Feb 24th, we have only 5 spaces left for builders in this workshop.  I can see it is a very popular one! 

Don't leave it too long to sign up.

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Hi Kathy!

Hi Kathy - hope you can come to our movie afternoon on Sunday (19th) - we;d love to meet you! and do give us your e-mail address for our next newsletter - there's lots of things coming up - hope they interest you, if not, tell us what you would like and what you can share with us!!  see you on Sunday?  Roz

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reply to Kathy

Kathy - the posted events are always current. Have you attended any of these events to meet some of the other Transition members? Perhaps you could inspire some of them to provide content for the website as that is what this website is all about. It's the member's forum and everyone's contributions are welcome.

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about whats happening

hi my name is kathy and im new here so what goes on here.everything i have seen is old posts.and nothing seems to be happening.so im on  and no one else is on i have checked for three or four days now and got no answers.so whats up.id like to know what i can get involved with what are my choices.and who's in charge here,so we can ask questions if needed.thats about it.if nothing is happening here whats the point of having the page.or do i not know how to work it…


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