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RAW FOOD Workshop a Success!

Our second reskilling workshop was a great success thanks to Erika Wolff who did a terrific job showing us what raw food is all about and allowing us to sample several dishes which she had prepared in minutes while everyone watched. The workshop had 29 participants and everyone listened attentively to EVERY word our local raw food guru had to say.- thankyou Erika and thanks to everyone who attended!

PS Erika will be back in September with Fermenting Foods, a natural way to preserve…


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The first workshop was titled PV Electrics and Solar Hot Water 101, and thanks to Don and Deb Hudson, it turned out great, we had 23 participants and thanks to their keen interest we had a good open discussion of much of this very important area of Conservation and Resiliance. With the partial or total help of the Sun we can significantly reduce our consumption of Fossil Fuels (read oil/gasoline/natural gas/coal), while providing our energy needs in a much more…


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What I have learned so far:

Ya gotta think!

At first, I thought conserving fossil fuels and emmitting less pollution would involve simple things; perhaps getting around on an electric bike instead of a car, perhaps a more fuel-efficient car, yeah! I found out that electric transportation is quite pricey, so I opted for a regular bike instead. Plus the batteries need renewing every few years. Uh-huh, I thought of lithium ion, but man! Talk about expensive!

So it's me & my bike. At least we like each other,…


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